Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Off we go...a family vacation and last post on Fishly News


Of we go indeed! We are escaping the cold Ottawa weather for a week of sun, fun and Disney characters! 

But this is also the last post on Fishly News. For two and a half years I've been coming here on a regular basis - sharing our renovation adventures, our crafts, family vacations and many recipes with you. What started out as a small little corner of the web and was read by my mom, sisters and best friend, has grown to capture a much larger audience. For the last year I've been working on improving my skills both behind the camera and in the kitchen - it is that part of blogging that I enjoy the most and this is what I want to stick with going forward.

This is a big and scary step for me - walking away from growing readership numbers, walking away from mentions and featured photos and posts, walking a away from part of an audience that I know is interested mostly in our renovation adventures or craft ideas and walking away from a schedule I know and am comfortable with. But I need a change - I need to break the mold, challenge myself, focus and dream big. It's time to let go of something I love, to work on something I love even more.

Where am I going and what am I planning? After we return from our vacation, I'll be blogging at Audrey's  exclusively. It's my new Wordpress platform that gives me more flexibility and allows for much better display of my photos. My first step was a custom logo that my sister created for me - the second step will be some platform tweaking, some customization,some new widgets and plug-ins that will make the site as good as I want it. But I'm not rushing this - one little step at a time.

Most importantly, the focus of Audrey's will be a lot more me and where I'm at now. I'll be sharing recipes and food photography - but I'll also share snippets of our life, our family and travel adventures we might have. While you'll find a great birthday cake I created, or a trip to the sea, you probably won't find posts about bathroom renos, curtain choices or driveway replacements anymore.

I really hope you'll join me at Audrey's and that you'll follow along. It's our next chapter - a different adventure that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. Thanks to all of you for your time on my blog, for the comments, the emails, the conversations and making me feel like people are listening to the random things I'm sharing on this site - it's been such an amazing ride!

“Find what you love. Don’t stop until you find it. You’ll know when you do.” SwissMiss

Postings will be less frequent on Audrey's - probably once a week, but I'll have to find my new rhythm - my new groove. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon in my new corner of the web! 


  1. I will miss this blog dearly. I know you love the photography and the cooking, but I NEED your home style savvy advice! :)

    Just teasing ... have a WONDERFUL vacation and congrats on your new venture!

  2. I'm sad. What am I going to do first thing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning now? Good luck with your new venture/adventure.

  3. Aww sad news! I'll be sure to follow you're other blog though when you get back!


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