Friday, January 18, 2013

Ice Marbles

Earlier this winter we made ice marbles. Have you seen them on Pinterest? They are a fun way to bring colour to your snow covered front path and a great project to make with the kids.
  • Gather as many round balloons as you plan on making marbles. 
  •  Carefully add a few squirts of food coloring to the balloon.
  • Stretch your balloon over a narrow faucet and carefully fill with water. You can go quite large, but remember to leave enough room so you can safely knot your balloon without the colored water splashing all over your hands and sink.
  •  Carefully place your filled balloons in a bucket and transport them outside.  Let them freeze completely and remove the balloons.

Tataaa! Beautiful colored marbles – each with a slightly different pattern and color. Don’t be surprised if people stop and comment on your new addition to your front walkway - the furnace repair guy asked a lot of questions about them.

PS: The marbles won’t be perfectly round since water settles a bit before freezing and you’ll have an indentation from the air bubble. If you place them in snow it will take a couple of days to completely freeze – snow is an insulator and you’ll be surprised how long it can take – make sure to rotate the balloons every so often to speed up the freezing.

PPS: I also wrote a post on the Neighborhood blog about these and how to make a perfect snowman. Check it out.

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