Monday, January 28, 2013

Airports, panels, parties and design camps

Wow, what a whirlwind! I am back from Salt Lake City, where I spent three days at ALT Summit.

My head is full to the brim with information, inspiration and fun memories. Truth be told, I'll have to process a lot of it over the next couple of weeks in order to make the most of it for myself and my blog. There is nothing like being in a venue with 600+ people that know what blogging is, that have great ideas, done great stuff, are willing to collaborate and are just genuinely nice. I don't think I've ever been at an event with such a collaborative and adventurous spirit.

While I enjoyed the business focused panels, I got the most from the design camps I attended, the networking and the amazing keynotes by Chris Anderson and Stefan Sagmeister! The keynotes were so inspiring, so forward looking with out of the box thinking that just resonated and inspired!

Everything was organized so well, the parties were amazing, the sponsors fit the needs of bloggers, the food was great, and, and, and...

Photos - by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for ALT Summit 2013

PS: Getting to Salt Lake City from Ottawa is hard in the middle of January. Both my travel days were disasters with broken planes, weather cancellations, rerouting, etc...blehh. But I finally got there, and I finally got home to hug my family.

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