Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tiny room for a big boy

When we moved into our house three years ago, D was 8 months old. Naturally he got the smallest room. I painted the walls blue, added a tree decal, a rocking chair and placed his white crib in the left nook you see below. Despite the tiny size of his room, it worked out well. 

About a year and a half ago, he moved out of his crib into his red toddler bed, which at the small size also fit in the same nook. Once we had to stretch his bed to a larger size, we moved it under the window (picture above). I didn't like this set up for several reasons: the bed was right under the window making it hard to access, the bed has a foot board which visually chops the room in half, the headboard was too close to the shelves and the nook was now an odd space with his dresser. This set up was not working for us.

We've been thinking and re-thinking his small space for almost a year now and we were ready to tear out the closet and create a built in bed with drawers and closet next to the window. This would have been a huge and messy project.  Last week though, I decided to flip his bed around and place the head board on the nook wall to the left, where the crib used to live. The dresser moved to the wall left of the door. Wow! I don't know what we've been thinking all along, but this small rejig of furniture made all the difference. The bed feels cozy that way, the window is accessible and there is more floor space. Yayyy to not tearing down walls!

We still have some work to do to make his room fit for an almost four year old.

Room Makeover Plan and Inspiration:

I will paint the room a icier blue - ceiling and walls to make the room look larger and avoid the visual break of a white ceiling. We will cover the headboard wall (nook) with vintage maps.  I pinned the map image below years ago and have been waiting to implement it.

I would like to get a graphic rug in a neutral colour. The fun red lamp will be placed on the map wall above the bed. I got a yard of red chevron fabric from Tonic Living and will reupholster a stool. I'm looking into striped bedding - not sure if I should go with navy blue or grey? I will switch the bed to one without a foot board - not having a foot board will help the room look bigger. I also got a round metal mirror with rope at Home Sense and we found a oak vintage desk curbside, which is the perfect size for his room.

What do you think? Will this work for a boy going on four? Neutral enough to grow with him, but with a few fun punches of colour.

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  1. This will be perfect for a little boy! I like the idea of blue and white bedding!


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