Monday, October 29, 2012

The fireplace saga has finally ended

After 7 months, we finally finished our fireplace renovation! We never anticipated it to take this long - believe me, I was ready for it to be finished months ago!

We ran into some major issues in April, then we procrastinated next steps because we were so shell shocked from the mortar dust all over the house. We chose our tile late spring, painted in summer, and finally tiled a couple of weeks ago. Lastly we needed another coat of paint and wall touch-ups to make the fireplace complete. Remember - this was just making something ugly look better without investing in a new insert and now it's been a year since I asked for your original advice.

I really like how me managed to get the original white brick back into the house - while the original was a white unpainted brick, I think the painted version looks great. We chose a large dark tile for the hearth so the insert would be grounded and connect to our dark wood floors. Each tile had to be cut for length and width to make everything line up nicely. I am super happy with how it turned out.

In the meantime I learned that we can buy different doors for our fireplace model, we'll investigate how much that costs. Next up we need to choose what to put on the fireplace wall. I'm looking into three things.

Large scale piece of original art by our friend Jennifer Lefort (this one would just be an example, and the scale isn't right either).  I love the scale of her paintings and the bold colours. We would have to remove it though when making a fire in order not to damage it.

Photo of our kids on a large scale and treated with an more abstract filter. This would be the most economical option as we would mount it on a backing without frame.

Some type of round starburst mirror such as this one from Pottery Barn. This would add some nice sparkle to the fireplace and the round shape would break up all the straight lines. It would bounce around quite a bit of light, but we don't really need that since the room has 5 large windows.

Which option do you like? Remember that to the left is our dining room with the great geometric blue curtains.


  1. I like the most affordable option best! I think it would look awesome. I love the hearth.

  2. I like option two
    There is too much solid colour in the painting... And the mirror clashes with the rough brick in a way...

  3. Looks fantastic though!!! Love how the tiles connect with the dark fireplace!

  4. Part of me thinks go larger with the art or hang higher. I think it's the corner of the window peeking out on the right. I would want to balance that side too...I don't know though, just a thought!!!

  5. oh, I LOVE how it turned out. Definitely worth the wait :)
    I would leave the brick bare. But if I had to choose I would go with the photo of your kids.

  6. Either the art or the kids but probably the art would 'dress up' the living room more. What would you have to take it off the wall when you make a fire- does it get that hot on the wall? Lot's of fireplaces have pictures hung over them...but maybe the mantel breaks the heat....???

  7. Nice options Giulia. That painting is about 6 feet wide in real life and already lives somewhere else but if you go with art , I know a good place you can 'borrow' from. :-)

    1. ha,ha...I know my dear ;), even noted about scale. You have so many lovely options, sigh!

  8. I love the final result with the white! (But I am clueless as to what would look best above the fireplace ... looking forward to seeing the result!)


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