Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Decor

I decided that this year I'll keep the interior Halloween decor simple. I gathered a couple of my cake stands on our vintage silver tray and added a large glitter skull to the black stand. I filled the domed stand with miniature skulls and added my black pumpkins to the silver candy dish. Add a couple of orange votives, a candle, a bottle, a black bird and eyeball, and we are set for this year. Maybe I'll drape some spiderwebs, but I find them tedious to remove. This set-up is really great because I can lift the whole thing off the table easily when we need room for dinner.

Last year we decorated the shelf above the TV, but that means I need to put away our existing display and I'm just not up to re-arranging things this year. We'll still decorate our window with bats and spiders and some luminaries, and our outdoor decorations will go up soon - I'll keep you posted on those projects.

Do you go all out on Halloween or do you ignore the whole event? Do you decorate kid friendly or scary?


  1. I'm not a Halloween fan but I could totally go for this display. I love the cloche full of skulls and the simple burning candle.

  2. I decorate around the door and outside...
    I can't wait until the little ones want to really join in the decorating...because I want to make it the BEST HALLOWEEN HOUSE EVER!!

    (It isn't as much fun for them to watch mom hanging the I keep it simple for now)

  3. We really don't do Halloween as much as others. My hubby grew up in a country that didn't celebrate Halloween and he finds the whole occasion totally bizarre and macabre. (And looking at it from his perspective ... it kind of is, I guess!) I think your display is might fine though!

    1. Because we didn't celebrate Halloween in Switzerland I love it that much more here ;) I love the spookiness and how the kids get into it.


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