Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Food Files - Halloween Edition

No recipe today - just a couple of super easy cupcake decorations for your Halloween gathering or potluck. You can make these with your favourite cupcake recipe or just add the decor to your grocery store cupcakes. I'm sure the kids would love to help with these.

Add any kind of plastic creepy bugs to your cupcakes for an instant upgrade. Make sure to wash them first.

This idea is from the Alison Show and I just had to try it myself. Either make your icing and colour it green, or take off the icing, add colouring and apply it in a messy fashion. Cut paper straws in 4 and add two to each cupcake. Use glitter card stock and cut out shoes. Add them to the straw legs with glue or glue dots.

Add some black sugar sprinkles to your icing. Use small styrofoam balls and cover with a square of white fabric, pop a hair elastic over the ball. Use a sharpie and colour some eyes. Pop each ball on a toothpick and add to your cupcake.

Any super simple ideas that you've decorated with? Are you getting into the Halloween spirit? We are decorating outdoors this weekend - can't wait for all the tombstones to go up!

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