Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Framed Bird's Nest

This summer my mom found this bird's nest while she was walking down the street to our house. The kids loved looking at it and feeling the 'softness' of the middle part. I really liked the shape and imagining how a bird manages to construct something so intricate and functional. 

In order not to have it damaged and to enjoy it longer, we decided to frame it. We chose a piece of coloured craft paper, cut it to size and attached the bird's nest with two glue dots. We used glue dots so it could be easily removed if needed. We used a square IKEA shadow box frame I had in storage, which was just deep enough to give the nest enough room. I really like how the shapes play off each other. 

This was a zero dollar project that took all of 5 minutes to complete and we have new addition to our gallery ledge.

PS: This could easily be done with other nature finds - feathers, leaves, rocks, shells or branches.
PPS: That frame with the baby photos is still one of my favourites - it's each of my kids at 2 weeks old in the same tub - they look the same but different.

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  1. oh, I really love this! I've been thinking about doing something similar with a maple leaf, just need to find a pretty one :)

    great project!


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