Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chevron cover

I completed one small project for D's room makeover. I used this IKEA stool , which had paint all over it, and made a new cover. I used the lovely red flatiron fabric that Tonic Living gifted me.

I'm a very lazy sewer and this won't be a full-on tutorial - there are many out there that are much better at this than I am. But simply put: I opened the corner seams of the original cover and traced it onto the new fabric. Then I cut out the new fabric and it looked like a cross*. I sewed all four sides, connecting those flaps and making sure I went right to the corners, keeping the edges flat. I tested the cover to see that it fit properly and then sewed a finishing seam around the bottom. Slipped it on and - tattaaa! A new cover and a pop of colour for D's room.

This is where the stool will live and this is the desk we found curb side. We found D's new bed frame on Kjiji and built it this past week - he also got a new mattress. Next step is painting, putting together the map wall and getting the rug.

* Note the original cover has a top panel, four side panels and velcro to attach it to the cushion. I simplified it by cutting the fabric into a cross shape, however, with the separate panels, I'm sure I could have gotten an even tighter fit.

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