Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday date and Bruce Springsteen

I'm a child of the 80s and even in Switzerland, Bruce Springsteen was the Boss. I must have been driving my parents crazy at the time listening to his music and knowing all the lyrics - all of this on tape of course with a couple of CD's later on.

Last week was my birthday and my dear hubby booked a date night on Friday, which included a sushi dinner and Bruce Springsteen concert! 19,000 people came out to see the show and it was amazing! This was an old fashioned Rock n Roll show done by a true performer - no need for fancy costumes and fancy dance crews. He rocked the house for 3+ hours straight (who does that these days?), played lots of his classics, some of his great new stuff and interacted with the audience. When I'm saying interacting with the audience, I don't just mean touching hands - he was right in the pit, singing with people and had himself crowd- surfed up to the stage.

This was truly a great night out and pretty impressive finale to a wonderful birthday week. I don't always look forward to getting older, but seeing 63 year old Bruce up there on stage and delivering with passion just shows you that age is irrelevant if you are passionate and genuine.

PS: I also have an interview over on Expats blog - have a look! If you have time to leave a comment/rating on my blog nomination that would be really appreciated (the listing, not the interview).

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