Thursday, September 27, 2012

True Blue - III

H&M Home (summer catalogue)

When I was 12 or 13, I was invited by my best friend and her family, to travel Switzerland in a vintage camping bus. I remember the trip fondly - each day we'd stay at a different campsite and discover the sites of that particular town or village. We'd shop for groceries and cook together and then fold down the dining room table at night to make our queen bed. I can't quite recall where the rest of them slept, probably up front somewhere.

Hubby and I are dreaming of taking an RV trip down the California coast with the kids in the next couple of years. I romantically imagine the picture above - camping by the sea in an old blue VW bus -  much better than this, right?


  1. Oh, this image makes me want to groan out loud ... I would SO love to be there, and be doing THIS right now. And yes, the vintage VW is rather cool but would probably get on my nerves two days into trip with its shortfalls of age!

  2. What an evocative image - love! Thanks for sharing.


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