Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New things and closing on others

Now that another season closed on us and we are getting ready for cooler weather and more time indoors, I went back to my list of goals I set back in January. I wanted to re-visit the list - re-evaluate it as well, as I think nine months have changed things a bit around here. Interests  and priorities have shifted. I have decided to create something new and to shut something down. But bear with me while I quickly go through the list:
  1. Take a big trip with the whole family.
    We went to Cape Cod and Boston and I'm so glad we did. This vacation proved to us that things with two kids do get easier. I am looking forward to many more travel adventures.
  2. Develop my food photography and food styling skills.
    I've been learning by doing - practice, practice, practice. I took Aran's workshop - I had a hard time that day, but it pushed me a little. I'm still working on my Friday Food Files feature and knowing that will come to an end in a couple of months, I decided to dedicate a new space to my food photography. Some days I want to give up, but other days my head is filled with things I want to cook and take pictures of. Right now, you'll see some of the same pictures you see here on Fishly News, but some have a different content than what you read here, and once Friday Food Files wraps up, all the content will be fresh. Have a look and be patient with me, I'm still learning to work with WordPress.
  3. Work on my swimming and take part in the Bring on the Bay 3km swim
  4. Try to create my own e-mag (just for myself and my bloggy readers) Just not that interested anymore.
  5. Try 12 new recipes.
    We've been trying new things all year - it's great to get out of the cooking rut and to expose myself and my kids to new flavours.
  6. Get my hair cut six times.
  7. Have at least two overnight dates away from the kids.We had one overnight date on our anniversary. Maybe we can squeeze another one in this year?
  8. Re-read two books I loved 12 years ago.
  9. Host a party.
    Yes! and a quite a few informal gatherings as well.
  10. Construct a raised veggie bed.
  11. Visit NYC or Chicago in the Spring or Fall Almost. I visited NYC in late summer for ALTNYC. It was short, sweet and so inspriring.
  12. See Demolition Derby with the kids.
    I've been trying so hard. Both weekends we wanted to go it was pouring rain!
  13. Keep on blogging.
  14. Wear a dress to work at least six times.
    Maybe three times?
  15. Get at least three pedicures in the summer.
  16. Tackle the living room fireplace.We are sooooo close I'm telling you. I'll be posting reveal photos soon.
  17. Have a painting commissioned that includes all family members
  18. Wear my hair pulled back to work at least six times.
  19. Make a fairy garden for the kids
  20. Paint all the trim and ceilings in our house.
* pink means completed and italics indicate in progress

I've also decided to give up my Etsy store. I was so giddy about getting it started last year, but right after launching so much changed. I started a new and super interesting job that fills my day, my blog has become bigger and more important to me, my photography and cooking take up more time - and first and foremost my family is top of my list. I'm enjoying all these other things so much that I never had the time or energy to market my store properly or to put in the effort to get the news out and make it a success. I'm disappointed because I don't like to fail, but I'm also ready to close this chapter and move forward with all the other wonderful things that are part of my life.


  1. Trying something and deciding it's not for you is not failure. Not trying at all is failure :)

  2. your food photography is really incredible. with every post you're improving and growing. it is such a pleasure to see the process and your progress. And I definitely look forward to more photos from you! :)


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