Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Instagram Book

We take a lot of pictures, and I don't want all of them to live on our computer or iPad. So I've been diligently making yearly photo books that capture our moments as a family. I think I've been using the iPhoto templates for the past eight years or so and I'm very happy with the quality, service and delivery.

I've heard of Blurb in the past and have seen friends of mine use them with great success. They have a great variety of printing options, ranging from the basic to the professional print.

As part of my ALT NYC conference I received a gift certificate from Blurb and I decided to use it on a project I've had on my mind for a while. My Instagram photos. I snap photos here and there with my phone, and while they live online and I might share some on Twitter, only a few of them make it into my yearly photo book.

Blurb offers a super simple and flexible solution that grabs your photos right off Instragram. You can place them yourself or have the program do it for you. You can choose how many photos per page, etc. I had a lot of photos, so I exceeded the page number for a softcover book and ended up with a hard cover booklet. The process was super simple and I received a high quality book within a week. I particularly love that the photo is printed right on the cover (there is also a dustjacket option) and I love that you can print on the spine.

It's a lovely book that I'm adding to our yearly captures. I'll also check out Blurb going forward for the larger books as I need to look for an alternative to iPhoto (we are giving up our Mac shortly ;().

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Blurb, but I was not compensated for or asked to write a post about them. I just like the service and product I received and I think I'll be using them again in the near future.

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