Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy blue drapes

Our custom drapes arrived last week from Tonic Living and we couldn't be happier. We've never had custom drapery done, it's such a treat to see the quality work and to look at drapes that fit perfectly in height and width.

When I was choosing between three blue fabrics, I received very diverse input into which fabric we should choose. We ended up ordering the Diamond Ikat in Royal Ink - I wanted a bold colour, something that makes a big impact and differentiates itself from our dark and rustic table. It's a happy fabric!

I chose the pinch pleat that you attach with rings. I really like how they slide back and forth easily and find the rings give the drapes a more casual feel. The drapes are lined and the seams are matched up perfectly with the pattern. It was really easy to work with Tonic Living and they made sure to tell us how to measure correctly and sent images with examples of styles to choose from.

The drapes cost us $349 - that includes fabric, labour, tax and shipping - obviously not the steal you get at a big box store, but the difference is amazing. I feel all grown up having our first custom item in our house! And see how we installed a simple white blind on the side window? Now the drapes are the focal point and our dining room wow factor.

Disclosure: I paid in full for these drapes, however, Tonic Living offered me a small credit in their store for all the good news I've been sharing about them. The opinions and content are all my own.

 PS: M's birthday party was featured on Apartment Therapy last week. Have a look!


  1. When you said "blue drapes", I thought, "oh, that'll be nice". Well, these are GREAT! And what a great deal too for custom drapery. Lined as well. Good choice.

    I have some chocolate coloured velvet drapes in the master bedroom that I inherited from the previous owners of our house. I want to replace them but the quotes for custom draperies were scaring me off - I'll try Tonic!

  2. Very beautiful Giuliani- great choice. The room looks superb- I also love the gladiolus! Congratulations for Maelle's birthday party getting a review. It really was a great idea!

  3. Oh, I love them! And you're right, they really do make the room look happy ... which is what everyone wants for their home! Great choice!

  4. They look fantastic!! I agree - custom drapery looks so so good after years of Ikea panels eh?

  5. They are beautiful! Tonic Living does suck beautiful work and you chose and awesome fabric!

  6. I LOVE them and yes Tonic Living does do beautiful work! Custome drapery is really worth it!

    Where did you get the clock to the left? It looks like a Kroeger Clock!

  7. The clock is an antique from Switzerland where I grew up. My grandparents had bought it in Berne in the 70's, then had it in their chalet there. When I moved to Canada I got it from them on a permanent 'loan'. It's was made sometime in the 1700's. The design would be very similar, as I believe Swiss Germans also moved to the US during the 1800's bringing with them their clock making skills and designs.
    I don't wind it up as I don't like the noise it makes every hour and I still keep the chains short because of the kids. I love having some of my Swiss heritage in my Canadian home.


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