Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Food Files

More dessert this week! I made this layered ice cream cake for my grandfather's birthday. It takes a bit of time, but it's super easy and looks so pretty once done.

How to (adapted from Martha Stewart):
  • Line a cake pan with plastic wrap.
  • Add a layer of cake at the bottom. I used yellow cake, because I love the texture and flavour. Using a cake that's already shaped the same as your pan makes this much easier.
  • Spread jam of choice on cake layer - I used blackcurrant jam.
  • Cover jam with layer of soft vanilla ice cream and pop the pan into the freezer for a couple of hours until firm.
  • Spread one layer of soft sorbet (I used raspberry) into the pan and pop back into freezer until firm.
  • Add another layer of soft sorbet (I used lemon cream because I couldn't find lemon, but I think a brighter yellow layer would have been pretty).
  • Top with layer of cake. Cover with plastic wrap and pop back into freezer and chill overnight.

Next day: Remove plastic wrap, turn over pan and pop out the ice cream cake - slice and serve immediately. Isn't it pretty?

I made this cake with store bought cake and ice cream. You can up your game and make your cake and your ice cream from scratch. I used one cake and made two loaves of ice-cream cake - if you want more actual cake, you can just cut thicker slices for your layers. Enjoy!

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  1. Argh! No ice cream, no cake, no ice cream cake allowed on my P90X "diet". I'll have to settle with drooling over your photo instead.


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