Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - a great find

At ALTNYC I met Norah. She attended the rooftop party, and once she told me what her blog was about, I was intrigued. Back home I found a minute over lunch to check out her site - and I love it!

Norah's site - - finds $1000 worth of art each week and shows you where to buy it. The style of art is varied, the collections seem to create something cohesive and they all seem to be based on one or two original paintings or drawings, and a selection of more affordable archival prints.

I really like the premise of finding more within this given budget - not pocket change by any means, but it gives you an idea of what you could get - you might want to get the full collection and create an instant salon wall, or you might just choose one piece that you are missing for your own growing gallery wall.

Funny enough, I really liked a collection she had posted on July 8th, I was drawn to the colours and the styles. It turns out that I own pieces by two of the artists featured - Sarah Caracristi (above my sofa) and Samantha French (in my dining room). Now, I think I should buy the other artists in this collection and add to mine, it would make for a nice grouping and instant growth of our art collection.

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