Monday, September 24, 2012

Collectible Colours - September

Bright and sunny yellow this month - even though it seems like such a summer colour, I'm seeing all the yellow in our fall foliage - maybe it's more universal than one might think? I don't wear any yellow, but I was surprised to find so many yellow things in my house, I had to narrow it down for this photo. I didn't even start looking at foods or flowers. This is probably one of the last photos in this series - I'm running out of colours and can only think of pink? Any colours I missed?

What is this series about?
For the collectible colours feature I choose a specific colour per month and collect things in my house to arrange and photograph. I can't go out and buy anything to match the colour scheme though, I have to own it  - I find this a great exercise to focus on day-to-day objects and to see if they fit.


  1. Did you see all of the yellow dresses at the Emmy's last night?

  2. I didn't see the red carpet, only tuned in later. However, I did see Clare Danes wearing a bright yellow gown. The 'it' colour for 2012?

  3. I love your photo series. This is an especially good one...Yellow is such a fun, vibrant color.


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