Monday, August 13, 2012

The fireplace - yes, again and still

Yes, we are still working on our fireplace, or better said, we have not been working consistently on our fireplace and therefore we are still not finished. After our initial failure, mess and clean-up, all we could muster was to choose tile for the hearth. The tile was ordered and is now sitting in our basement.

What have we done in the past two months?  We removed all the grout between each brick (that took about half a day and this time we made sure to prep accordingly and the clean-up was much easier.  Then I painted all the brick with a roller and all the grout lines with a brush, this took two coats and about 5 hours of work. Next we repaired the damaged walls on each side and painted it with the wall colour. I am quite pleased with how the painted brick looks like. We also removed the curtains and added a simple blind on the window next to the fireplace, this really cleans up the space and is visually more pleasing.

What's next? The next big job is the tiling. The tricky thing is actually getting the insert out - it's heavy and bulky and we don't want to damage our floors, backs or brick. After that, there's a bit of painting to be done - once you brighten up one colour it becomes more obvious that other paint needs serious attention, i.e. ceiling and trim. Our last project is not directly part of the fireplace reno, but the corner will get a small built in bookshelf. There you have it - fireplace project still not done, but much improved and we've been enjoying our summer outside! As long as we get it done before we start making fires, I'm happy.

PS: I chose and ordered our drapes for the dining room. I chose the Diamond Ikat and I'll show you the results once the curtains get delivered.


  1. I feel your paint with the fireplace! It took me forever to do mine.. so many coats.

  2. Yay for progress! The painted brick looks really great. Nice and fresh and bright. Can't wait to see it once the new tile goes down.


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