Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Metallic and Neon Confetti Tray

I've had a melamine tray for a while that I liked, but that was limited in pattern - the red and white felt too Christmassy and therefore I would not use it in the summer. I decided to use some painter's tape and spray paint to update it a bit and get some more use out of it.

1. I spray painted a a few thin coats of metallic silver and waited 24 hours for the paint to fully dry.
2. The next day I took my painter's tape and punched random holes in it. The random pattern creates the confetti look.
3. I then carefully placed each strip of tape on the tray making sure the tape overlapped and was pressed down firmly around all the holes.
4. After that I covered the tray with a few thin coats of neon pink spray paint and removed the tape very carefully *. Tataaaa an easy project to update an old tray!

I like the fun confetti pattern, the metallic and neon colour and now I can use it all the time to serve food and drinks outside. After the summer I can use it in the office, to corral books or boxes or any place that needs a bit of fun colour and pattern.

*When I removed the painter's tape it did leave some marks on the metalic paint - I'm not sure if it's glue from the tape or paint that got removed. Next time I try this I might let the base paint dry even longer. So it's not perfect, but for the price of two cans of spray paint I now have something fun.

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