Monday, August 6, 2012

Long Weekend

This Monday I'm sleeping in - or better said, I'm sleeping past 5:40 am. It's a long weekend here in Canada, which means that my Masters Swim Program is cancelled today. Three times a week in the summer (June - August) I swim outdoors - and because I have kids that need to go to daycare, school and/or camp, I need to take the 6 am slot. I'm not the only one and once I get over the early rise it's great. This is the second year I'm doing the Masters Swim Program and I love it. It's pretty tough, but relaxing at the same time - having your head under water will do that. I also need someone to tell me what to do and push me further - on my own I'd probably quit after 15 minutes of leisurely swimming. Once I'm done at 7 am I'm glad I got a good workout and don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

Last year I stopped after the summer session, this year I want to continue in winter. Not sure if I'll be able to get up that early on a cold winter morning, so I might sign up for the late evening session.

Did your workout schedule change once you had kids? Do you have to force yourself out of bed or off the couch? Hubby goes running on the days I don't swim and he's out the door at 6:15 as well!


  1. I am trying SO HARD to keep working out. I am down to 1 jog a week and one bonus jog here and there. It is just too hard to get people to watch the children so that I can have an hour to myself...actually...the weather has been messes with my plans too! I went one day despite the heat and wanted to vomit...that really wasn't the goal.

    I miss working out. I know better than to join a gym, because I can't do anything consistently...the kids always need something. Of course, I am still nursing, the baby is almost 9 months, so it is a little too early to judge what's possible when I can leave them alone with their dad....

  2. I love when I can get myself out of bed early to go for a morning run. I already feel so accomplished by 8am!


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