Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Food Files

It's the end of August and I wanted to share some of the tomato crop we've been harvesting this month. It seemed like tomatoes started late this year - I guess we didn't have enough rain in July for them to produce earlier. However, they are abundant now. We planted three varieties this year - a medium sized tomato which has a great heart shape and is firm and juicy. The grape variety which is larger than a cherry tomato and perfect for snacks. We also have these teeny tiny ones - they are the size of peas! I didn't realize they would be that tiny. They look cute in pasta or a grain salad, but not much to them.

Do you grow tomatoes? We also have cucumbers, beans and peppers, but the tomatoes are by far our favourite.


  1. Sure, we grow tomatoes. But I'm commenting to say -- wow! -- your photos and the typography are just fantastic. Are you a graphic designer by trade? I'm really enjoying your work.

    1. Thanks Julie, so kind. No I'm not a graphic designer. I don't even know how to use Photoshop. I'm an international business and economics major and have been in Corporate Communications for 15 years.

  2. But, but ... if you don't use photoshop, how does one get their photos to be so perfect? And how do you get the cool typography on your photos? (Cool that we have both been in Corp Comm for so long!)


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