Monday, August 27, 2012

Alt Summit NYC and celebrity in the house!

*long post alert

Oh my, what a whirlwind trip this was! ALT NYC city was amazing! The people were very open and fun, the speakers were exceptional and experts at what they do. Especially the keynote by Tina Roth Eisenberg left such an impression. She is talented, a go-getter, positive and very kind - and Swiss, so that's a positive, right?

I took away a ton of information from all the speakers and panels - some things I'll apply to the blog, others were just great messages to take away and think about.

For those that follow me on twitter you already know this, but we had a total celebrity craze moment when THE Martha Stewart walked into the room. There was a collective gasp - I never thought I'd have such a reaction to a celebrity...but this was pretty crazy and amazing!

Martha Photo by Brooke Kiernan

The other great thing was that we were able to see the offices where all the magazine magic happens. Everyone at Martha Stewart was so kind and friendly - I'm sure we weren't making their workday very easy.

We finished the day off with a rooftop party, a great time to mingle and talk to bloggers that I only knew online. What great food, drink, company and the view - unforgettable!

Empire State photo above Sunset by Gabrielle Blair

The next day I wandered midtown a bit before it was time to head back home.  This trip was such a treat - such a positive experience. I didn't bring my good camera on this trip, so all the photos are from my phone, I never thought I'd take this many!


  1. ...I see you were almost at the studio doors (photo of Bergdorf Goodman). Glad you had such a great time!!!

  2. What a lovely recap! So happy I had a chance to meet you!

  3. Just like being there - wish is it had lasted longer. One day wasn't enough.

  4. So great to meet you! It WAS amazing wasn't it!

  5. i SO wish i knew about this - got invited to this - something - so jealous - this is FABULOUS u got to go!!!! *love*

  6. I am so jealous I was unable to attend. I found out too late and tickets were sold out. The pictures came out great and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  7. Looks like a great time! Found you through Alt. Hope to meet you at SLC in January! :)


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