Monday, July 23, 2012

Pattern and blue - looking for new drapes

Remember back in March when I shared my dining room tour? I was planning on replacing some of my plain stand-in curtains with something more substantial in our dining room. Those new drapes will serve as a focal point and the smaller window to the right will be covered with a simple white shade, which we also need next to our fireplace*. 
We now have the simple shades and I'll share that in a separate post, but that means I need your help in selecting fabric for our focal window.

I ordered a bunch of samples from Tonic Living and narrowed it down to three. This very rough Photoshop job gives you an idea how the below choices affect the tone and colour of the room, the scale is a little off, but it might still help. The Ashbury Ikat on the left is a linen fabric and mostly navy. The middle Diamond Ikat is a cotton canvas and is much brighter with tones of blue and turquoise. On the right we have a more modern print with the Links cotton fabric in blue.

I have samples of each of these at home and it was interesting what my preference was when I first took them out of the package versus what I prefer now that the samples are pinned to my curtains. Which one do you prefer? 
Remember, the rest of the living/dining area will have plain white blinds that will show off my large mid-century windows. 

*and yes, there will be a fireplace update soon - we are slowly, oh so very slowly progressing on that project.


  1. I like them all but the ashbury ikat is my favorite!

  2. In the Photoshopped photos, I don't like the middle and left ones at all -- the blue feels too bright .. almost harsh. But when I look at the fabric, I really do like the Links and have been admiring it myself for something in my house too. However, my absolute fave is the Ashbury Ikat. Love it!

  3. Toss up between the links and the Ashbury ikat. Toss a coin!

  4. Up close I like the Ashbury the best, but in your photos, I'm drawn to the Diamond. To me, it makes my eyes "sing" when I see it against the walls and behind the table.

  5. I vote for Links. It has a good balance of white and blue and I like the more modern edge with your rustic table.


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