Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cake, Flowers and Hair

Large photo: Loretta Flowers via Design Sponge, top right: Roost, bottom right: Docuvitae via StyleMePretty.

My sister just got married in St.Lucia and this upcoming weekend she's having a small wedding reception. Family has arrived from Switzerland and the US and we are busy with visitors and last minute planning.

My job for this Saturday is a wedding cake. I'll create a 2-tier cake and will attempt a Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing. I'll decorate with flowers, similar to the inspiration shots above. All my inspiration photos are flowers in pink - my sister doesn't like pink - so I'll be working with shades of red and orange.

Top left: 79ideas, top right: Martha Stewart Weddings, bottom right: Martha Stewart Weddings, bottom left: A Simple Photograph via StyleMePretty

Because this is a backyard event we decided on very casual flowers. We collected jam and mason jars and I ordered Dahlias and Spider Mums in shades of red and orange. I'll also pick up a few green and white blooms on Friday and we'll arrange them casually in the vessels.

And then she asked me to do her hair (ahhh!). My sister has super straight and glossy black hair. She wants a simple up-do, so we've got the pins and hairspray and I'll do my best!


  1. What about one of these "sock buns" people talk about? I bet you could swing that! And they would be perfect for a more casual event, I think. Here's an example:

    I really LOVE the cake on the slab of wood. Can you please do that for her? That would be awesome!

  2. oh, please take lots of photos. Flowers on a cake sound divine!

  3. She did a bun for the wedding in St.Lucia. For Saturday she wants something similar to the left hand photo - rolled up. I told her not to wash her hair that day and I think I can manage.

    Yes, I love Coco's cake and was planning on the slab of wood, especially as we got that stump at home. It's on the to-do for hubby to cut a piece off :)

    It's going to be a busy Friday and Saturday.

  4. Exciting! Good luck and congratulations to your sister. xxx Suzy

  5. good luck with everything! big projects and bit commitments, i'm sure it'll go great! and i love the idea of mason jars. and dahlias.

  6. Oh, how lovely! Hope to see lots of pictures of the big event. Have a great time!


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