Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Abysmal back yard

* if you have a phobia of weeds and/or crumbling decks and patio stones, please move on to another blog story.

When the weather was first getting nice in April I posted about my dream back yard.  Dream solution for the available space anyway. At the time I didn't show you my actual space - here it is in all it's abysmal glory.

Everything street facing on the other side of the fence (we are on a corner) is lovely - our plants are doing well, our lawn is maintained, the path is old, but in pretty good shape. Even the fenced in side of the yard where we have our play structure and new raised flower bed is ok, nothing fancy, but in good shape.

Then you turn the corner and see the image above. Our not to code deck with wobbly railing and oddly off stairs, the weeds that are growing like trees, the deck box that doesn't have a proper home, the old patio table that is sized wrong for such a narrow space and the horrendous pink patio stones, home to even more weeds.

While I was dreaming in the spring to tear down everything and rebuild, it was clear to us that that won't happen this summer. Budget is our first reason: we want to do a proper overhaul and use quality materials. Cedar decking is expensive and we'll also have to redo the concrete posts. Even more expensive are stone paving stones. The second reason is time: this is some time consuming tear down and rebuild.

I thought that we could pull up the stones and live with it for the summer, just so I would not have to look  at their pink horrendousness, but then we thought that a pile of mud with two kids is probably not a good idea. So we wait and are embarrassed when inviting people over for BBQ, corralling them to the lawn section of the yard which is indeed much nicer.

I might get different dining chairs that don't need cushions at the end of the season so we could sell the deck box. This past weekend we just added to the 'loveliness' by buying a larger filtered kids pool (see blue blob above). It's been so hot that we felt bad dumping the water of the kiddy pool each evening - while this thing again is not pretty, the filter allows us to keep the water in and it's deeper for more cooling fun. Hubby stated that now we just needed to add a car on blocks and we'd have a complete look going.

Is your back yard a priority or do you focus your time and money on the inside?


  1. Wish I had pics of my yard - it is FAR worse than yours!! LLK

  2. Guilia, it is seriously not so bad. I agree that using quality materials is worth the wait. In terms of priorities, we have decided to put inside of our house first and foremost. As much as I love the backyard, we use it from about May to September (more or less), while the house gets used 24/7 :)

  3. We are lucky because the previous owners had done all of the work. All we needed to do was a little tweaking - and squeeze in a trampoline.

    And Natallya is right - it isn't that bad. A little weeding and maybe some outdoor art hung on the fence and you'll be fine. Even weeding would do the trick. Or how about some narrow planters to replace the storage box? Can the box go under the deck when not needed?


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