Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Blast

A week or two ago we went to the hobby store and bought a model rocket kit. The kit included materials and instructions for two model rockets - one made of balsam wood, the other made of cardboard and plastic. Hubby has been dreaming about building model rockets with the kids and re-living his teenage years.

Hubby did most of the building (it's pretty finicky at times, requires paint, glue, sanding, etc.) and got the two model rockets ready. This past weekend there was no wind and we headed  out to the soccer field and found the perfect dirt patch (we didn't want dry grass because of the fire hazard).

We set up the model rocket launcher and started with a small engine - the kids loved it! We sent up both model rockets and were lucky that they came down unharmed. This meant that they could be shot up again with a larger engine - wow, the second blast for both model rockets was really, really high! It took forever for them to come down and again we were lucky to retrieve them undamaged.

Once we sent our video to family and friends it was amazing to hear how others had done the same when they were young. We also attracted a couple neighbourhood kids that wanted to partake. This was such a fun thing to do and I know we'll be out there again soon.


This is a video of  the short blast. Have you built and launched rockets? Model airplanes? Anything that flies? 

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