Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You said

I want to thank all of you that took the time to answer a couple of questions - I really appreciate your comments. You might wonder why I put together a survey in the first place? Since my blog is a diary of things that happen to me and my family, why would I care what people think?

Well, I wanted to figure out some of the inconsistencies that I was seeing on my comments, versus my google analytics and things that were being pinned. At times I felt that posts that I didn't care that much for got very high readership and reactions, while others that I truly enjoyed felt like they fell flat with you guys. Should I care? Probably not. Do I wonder? Yes, I do. Do these survey results solve the mystery? A little bit.

Here are some of the highlights that came out of the survey:
  • You guys REALLY like the renovation and home-decor posts, followed closely by photography. This blog never started out as a design blog - looking back at 2010, I only posted about decor or renovations four times. But as we kept working on our house, these topics became more relevant in our day to day, and I've been having some nice conversations with my readers about this topic. I'm sure it will remain a big part of this blog as we still have a long list of things we want to tackle.
  • Feeding into result #1 - you guys want to see even more renos and home tours. I will continue with those posts because I truly enjoy them. 
  • But you also want so see more posts on parenting. I found this interesting.The thoughts on parenting will probably pop up here and there. I find those posts particularly hard to write - not because they are very profound or I'm some psychology expert, but not rambling and gathering my thoughts in a manner that is digestible is incredibly hard. I also don't want to offend anyone and I don't want to sound presumptuous. So I'm glad you enjoy them, but they won't be a regular feature.
  • Someone wanted to see more messes and I guess that's fair, as photos on my house tour are taken when things are at their best. However, showing a pile of laundry needed to be folded isn't really something I need to remember 20 years down the road, is it? And don't we all have splatters of toothpaste on our sinks and sand in our entryway? It seems like everyone now wants to see each others mess - but why? Don't you tidy up a little before you welcome guests over for dinner? Why wouldn't I tidy up a bit before I welcome you to my house through my blog?
  • A whole bunch of you skipped the question of what you you'd like to see less of, so the results are not very clear. I guess that's a good sign? Nothing out there that really bugs you.
  • Consensus was that I comment enough in the comment section, that I give enough information about pricing, but a little more would be great, and that I share enough of my personal life - although you wouldn't mind hearing more from time to time.
  • You guys are mostly happy with the amount of times I post and the way the blog is designed.
  • Two specific comments I wanted to respond to - not to post on a defined schedule, but rather when I have something to post and the other was about wanting to see more writing.
    • Having a schedule is very helpful for me, people who know me personally know that I'm very organized, like to plan ahead and love schedules. I like to know when things happen and how. I like to control things as much as I can and posting on a schedule really keeps this endeavor more pleasant and calming for me. If I really don't have anything to say I probably wouldn't post that day, but most times I could post five or more times a week if I had the time to do it. Implementing the schedule last year, really streamlined this hobby and I think takes less time away from my family and makes my time in front of the computer more efficient. I might reconsider the amount of posts a week, but I'll most likely stick to a schedule.
    • On writing more: I'm not a writer, I never considered myself a writer. English is not the first language I learned to write as a child. Although I've had to write for my job on occasion, I don't see myself as a writer at all. I am a visual person and I'll try to describe my thoughts and reasoning as best I can, but I will never write a novel.
I hope my comments give you a little insight and I want to thank you again for the time you spend here and the conversations we share - they really mean a lot to me.


  1. You're doing such a great job, keep on keeping on :) I always look forward to your posts.

  2. I agree with Nataliya .. I can also add that your analysis of the survey was very sensitive and thoughtful which is why I think your blog is as successful as it is!


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