Monday, June 18, 2012

With happy thoughts...and sprinkling of pixie dust

We did it! The sun was shinning, the cupcakes were baked, the tables were made and the kids all came. M celebrated her upcoming 5th birthday with pirates and fairies and had a grand time. We almost ran into some issues after learning that Canada is having a helium shortage (?) and therefore we had trouble finding all the balloons we needed - but 30 minutes before the party we got them to the house - ufff!

We had a pirate table covered in a great pirate tablecloth that my boss lent me, the great pirate flags were also from her. We dragged out one of our halloween skulls, added favour bags and a set of very popular pirate swords. The favour bags had the Disney Peter Pan book, an eye patch, fairy wand and stickers in them - and enough room to carry home the piñata loot.

Food and drinks were found on the 'waterfall' table which we made with strips of fabric and streamers.

Bruno got a large piece of plywood and finished it with some stain we had left over. Balanced on two recycling bins it was the perfect table for 12. M chose gold cups and plates because pirates and fairies dine off gold.

The kids loved the 'walk the plank' and I opted to get a regular store bought piñata, but covered it in happier looking paper. We filled it with candy, pencils, chocolate coins, necklaces and other little pirate treasures. We also dispersed a ton of gold coins throughout the wooded areas of the yard - all the kids spent so much time hunting for their treasure - this was such an easy and fun activity!

Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing and the cupcake toppers made for a great afternoon snack - we served it with ice cream because of the afternoon heat.  At the end we turned on the sprinkler and everyone was very happy.

I'm ready for a 2 day nap now - going to Montreal the day before a birthday party is not advisable, it made everything just a bit more stressful than it would normally be - that, and the helium shortage!

**Oh, and I got a bubble machine which is sooo worth it! They have a great selection at ToysRUs.

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