Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Reading III

While we are off on our beach vacation, I am leaving you with a small Summer Reading list. I asked each one of  these wonderful bloggers a couple of questions to give you an idea of who they are. I hope that you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and that you visit often.

Today being Friday it's about food. These two  wonderful food bloggers are not only brilliant cooks but also amazing photographers that draw you in with every post.


Sprouted Kitchen: Never has healthy food looked so good. With photos that draw you right in, Sprouted Kitchen gets you every time. The authors of 'The Sprouted Kitchen' cookbook make your stomach grumble.

1. What is your favourite blog that you can't wait to read as soon as a new post is published?
Oh man, I can't pick just one! I love the writing on Seven Spoons, Happyyolks and Smitten Kitchen. I love Heidi's ideas at 101cookbooks, Ashley's creativity on Not Without Salt and I have a dozen more I check often. 

2. How is it to work on cooking a meal with a camera documenting all your steps?
I am pretty quick in the kitchen, so it's tough for me to slow down so Hugh can document the process a bit. Even when he is photographing something, I move on to the next step because I can't handle being still in the kitchen! It's a place of productivity for me, just standing around drives me nuts. I've gotten better because I realize he can only do what he does well, when I give him the tool to do so by slowing down :) It's fun to do together, good for both of us!

Not Without Salt: Fresh seasonal recipes and exotic travel - all documented with amazing photography and great story telling. Ashley's tomato pesto is my favourite.

1. What is your favourite blog that you can't wait to read as soon as a new post is published?
Both Sprouted Kitchen and Seven Spoons - Those are the two that force me to drop everything if I see a new post is up. With beautiful imagery and dreamy words they lift me out of the chaos of the day to day and fill me with inspiration and fresh burst of energy.

2. How does all your travel affect your cooking and photography style?
I LOVE visiting new places for many reasons but mostly because of the new flavors I'm introduced to. Coming home from Morocco I began to add mint and preserved lemon to everything. Back from Belgium I braised pounds and pounds of beef in beer and dipped whatever I could get my hands on into tangy vinegar-spiked mayonnaise. And most recently I've been tucking coconut and rum into things having returned from the Caribbean. I love the recipes these places inspire and the world of flavors they open me up to.

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