Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Reading II

While we are off on our beach vacation, I am leaving you with a small Summer Reading list. I asked each one of  these wonderful bloggers a couple of questions to give you an idea of who they are. I hope that you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and that you visit often.


Today we're talking pretties - little things and small projects that can pretty up your home or add a special something to your party. DIY inspiration, colour inspiration, glitter, tissue, flowers and all.


House of Earnest: Hand made projects and party style made easy. You'll love Erin's style and easy projects - lot's of fun DIY to be found here!                                                                     

1. What is your favourite blog that you can't wait to read as soon as a new post is published? 
I think it depends on what I'm after that day. If I just want a quick design fix, I usually go to Note to Self, if I want to spark my mind with innovative creativity for my DIY mindset, I cannot miss Oh Happy Day, and if I want to just swoon and beautiful things, I usually head to Snippet and Ink.

2. How does your day job affect your blog style and things you write about?  
That's a hard question! My day job requires long hours at an office away from home, which means that I do less hands-on projects than what I would otherwise do. I think I've found a nice balance of projects that can be done easily in a weekend, because that is all the time I have to spend on them too!

A Subtle Revelry: Party styling done differently - lots of pretty details and hand-made touches. Always a bit of whimsy and out of the box ideas. Creator of the great e-mag Styled.

1. What is your favourite blog that you can't wait to read as soon as a new post is published?
I am an avid reader of many blogs on a daily basis, but one that stands out as a recent obsession is Alli's blog hooray. She just did a site redesign and every photo she snaps is more inspiring then the last.

2. How does your day with twin toddlers affect your blog?
The joy of having toddlers running around while I work is that there are always two perfect models to grab:) They really do bring so much inspiration, dimension and life to my work. The downside is that I often end up with an extra smudge here or an imperfection there, but even that has found it's way to grow on me.

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