Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pirates and Fairies

Invite without address information
M's birthday is the beginning of July, during summer vacation. Because of that, we decided to have her party a couple of weeks in advance. We sent out these invites - a theme that M chose.

We'll be incorporating a couple of Never Land references throughout the party. And because I'm away in Montreal the day before the party, I decided to buy cupcake toppers on Etsy rather than baking a cake - this will make basic vanilla cupcakes pretty.

We also want to have a crocodile piñata, which I have yet to find. We've seen owls, dogs, horses and many more animals, but no crocodiles - we've got all the pirate loot to fill a piñata, so maybe I'll have to make one myself following Jordan's instructions?


  1. Gee, putting me to shame much? I just sent out a plain email for my DS's 4th birthday party. There is no theme and it's going to be at the local splash pad. (I guess I better at least hunt for some cupcake toppers now on Etsy!) :)

  2. OMG, i haven't seen Golden Books for years! We had a huge collection of them growing up!


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