Monday, June 4, 2012

Lightning storm and another project

Last week we had a huge lightning storm. We were on the road at the time so we parked at the Ottawa River and watched the storm come in. The lightning and thunder were an impressive play of nature. Unfortunately there was some damage to our neighbourhood, power went out for some houses for 24 hours and some very large trees came crashing down. 

We got this tree stump from a neighbour a block or so away. We took it before the city came to pick it up. The tree came down completely and the root system was torn out of the ground - the roots were at least 10 foot high, so you can imagine the size of the tree - this stump is just a miniscule part of it. I always find it sad when those huge trees come down, they are so old and really define the look of a street.

This stump is going to be our next project for the bathroom. While I need to wait quite a while for the wood to fully dry our plan is to sand it and make a stool out of it. Either finished with polyurethane or a fun coloured top. It will tuck perfectly next to the bathtub.

*It was fun to see my top picture published on the CBC news site that night (the power of Twitter).


  1. I would love one (or a few) of these. There's always a spot in the house that needs a little stool/side table.

  2. Looks great! I am wondering about the sides... How did you get them so smooth? Simply by sanding or some other way?


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