Monday, May 28, 2012

Step back to 1860

We visited Upper Canada Village and had a blast. This is the second time we've visited and both times we saw a few different things. Upper Canada Village is set in the 1860s with buildings built according to that time and people in costume, horse drawn wagons and a lot of British Flags.

You'll find a blacksmith, a flour and saw mill powered by water, a store, hotel, church, dress maker store, doctor's house and many more buildings. The kids love wandering around and seeing the different houses, the horses and just the whole feel of it being a little different.

I enjoy the little details, the quiet of no cars or other motors and the family walk we get out of it. It's a lovely place to visit and only an hour away from Ottawa. The weather was hot and sunny so we were glad the restaurant does not abide by 1860s standards and has AC - it was a chance to eat a quick bite and cool down.

You can visit for hours or just stay a bit - it's a beautiful place to stop by - they have events throughout the summer and fall. Next time I want to visit before Christmas for the 'Alight the Night' festival when more than half a million lights are hung in the village - I imagine it to be magical.


  1. I love Upper Canada Village. I was born in Eastern Ontario so went as children and last year I brought my children there. They loved it as much as I did. So well preserved.

  2. Great photos. I loved visiting Upper Canada Village, but haven't been for about 25 years. It is a fair drive from Toronto so we don't get there as often as we would like. I agree that the quiet of having no cars is lovely.

  3. Lovely - you are so lucky to be in Ottawa with so many great sites nearby. And the proximity to cottage country in Quebec too...envious! Oh, and that sun - seems to be a bit out of reach here on the west coast lately.

  4. I would love to visit here. It looks magical.


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