Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 20 for 2012 - an update

 Photo by Aran Goyoaga, Canelle Et Vanille

Back in January, I shared my list of goals that I had for 2012 - some were biggies and some little things. Four months into the year I thought I'd have a look at where I stand.
  1. Take a big trip with the whole family.
    Booked a week in Cape Cod and 2 nights in Boston for June!
  2. Develop my food photography and food styling skills.
    Slowly working on it. I've been posting a food shot every Friday and I have Plate to Pixel and Food Photography at home to finish reading. 
    I am also really looking forward to this workshop with Aran in June! See her photo above. She is amazing!
  3. Work on my swimming and take part in the Bring on the Bay 3km swim
    We'll see about this one, I have not been in a pool since September, this is going to be a tough one. 
  4. Try to create my own e-mag (just for myself and my bloggy readers)
  5. Try 12 new recipes.
    Working on it, I've tried at least 3-4, including Sauce Hollandaise!
  6. Get my hair cut six times.
    I've gone every 8 weeks this year! This is huge for me to take the time for myself.
  7. Have at least two overnight dates away from the kids.
  8. Re-read two books I loved 12 years ago
  9. Host a party.
  10. Construct a raised veggie bed.
  11. Visit NYC or Chicago in the Spring or Fall
  12. See Demolition Derby with the kids
  13. Keep on blogging.
  14. Wear a dress to work at least six times.
    Fail up to now...this will be easier in the summer, right?
  15. Get at least three pedicures in the summer.
    Got one already thanks to the summery temperatures in March.
  16. Tackle the living room fireplace.
  17. Have a painting commissioned that includes all family members
  18. Wear my hair pulled back to work at least six times
  19. Make a fairy garden for the kids
  20. Paint all the trim and ceilings in our house.
Not too bad, right? How are your goals for 2012 panning out?

* pink means completed and italics indicate in progress


  1. oh, mine are coming along ok :) I should have also included "drink less coffee" but that's a loosing battle! :)

  2. We took a family road trip to Cape Cod two summers ago and we loved it! It will be so fun :)

  3. I am also working on my food styling skills and am taking an Aran workshop in August. I thought, gulp, the photo was yours!


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