Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crawling under tables and Hello Kitty slippers

Before having kids I questioned a lot of things about how people raised children - the typical 'why can't that toddler sit still in an airplane' or 'why did that mother let her child go to the grocery store in Hello Kitty slippers'. Once we had our own children I noticed very quickly that I had no business questioning anything related to other children and I also started doing things I never thought I'd do.

  1. Crawl under the table after every meal cleaning up (this was much easier when we had a dog)
  2. Waking up without an alarm clock
  3. Scooping piles of sand out of pockets and shoes all summer long
  4. Using morning shower time to think without being interrupted
  5. Thinking of creative lunches that fit in a small box and don't need to be warmed up
  6. Picking up sippy cups all over the house
  7. Talking about the kids constantly even when out on dates
  8. Finding stickers and scotch tape on all walls of the house
  9. Reading the same books over and over again
  10. Seeing every age-appropriate animated movie and actually enjoying them
  11. Cooking any shape of pasta to guarantee a successful dinner
  12. Hiding vegetables in said pasta dishes
  13. Saying NO every day
  14. Having your heart strings pulled when you watch them sleep
  15. Having to sort through arts and crafts deciding what to keep and what to recycle
  16. Reading every note and flyer that comes from school (so much paper!)
  17. Having to write so many cheques (why do schools still use cheques?)
  18. Constantly washing little hands and faces (and feet in the summer)
  19. Taking your child to the grocery store in Hello Kitty slippers or Fairy Wings
  20. Sharing hugs and kisses all day long (I'm not a hugs and kissy kind of person)
  21. Being so proud of little things that I tear up
  22. Laughing at fart jokes as much as I do
  23. Answering the question WHY all the time


  1. Just had a major meltdown when my kid wanted to wear her parka and winter boots to daycare. It's +30C outside and she's concerned about being cold. O - M - G !!! I feel like locking up her closet so she can't choose what she's going to wear. It is lovely to wake up to negotiating and meltdowns every single morning :) never thought I'd be doing this either...

    I love your list and relate to it 100%

  2. Oh you hit my hot spot with the cleaning under the table every night ... I soooo miss my dog! I never used to have to worry about crumbs and scraps!


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