Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday preparations

Tomorrow is Bruno's birthday. We are having a little party on Saturday and I'm getting ready for it. See a theme? We are fancying up a beer party with bow ties and a selection of micro brews.

We also hired our babysitter so our friends can bring their kids and have them entertained. I'll be attempting beer cupcakes for the event - I'll let you know how they turn out. Happy Birthday, hubby!!


  1. I love orange! And those Beer is Good coasters are awesome!!! Where did you pick those up?

    1. I love the colour as well, but now I'm realizing it looks a bit like Halloween (?) - oh well.
      Coasters are from ladybug press on Etsy: Excellent service and she's got some great designs. She was featured in Martha Stewart Living, that's how I found her.

  2. YAY for party prep and sitters to help with the kids. Hope it is great:)


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