Monday, February 6, 2012

The bath

Tataaaa! I finally have pictures of our completed bathroom makeover. It took longer than expected and we hit a few snags, but here we are - done for now.

A small recap on the project:
We have a family bathroom (no ensuite) on the upper level. The bathroom was functioning fine and had everything we really needed, so there was no justification for a renovation. However, we were never really pleased with the vanity added by a previous owner. It was too large and bulky and didn't have well functioning storage. So we decided to invest in a new vanity. Once we decided that, we thought we could add a bit of lipstick and mascara to brighten the place up a little - not much,  just enough to make it feel like a new and fresh space.

Things we decided to work on:
  • New vanity
  • New mirror
  • New light
  • New paint colour
  • Take out old rad
  • Replace shower curtain rod and toilet paper holder
  • Move towel rack
This is how it looked once the vanity and rad were removed.

And this is how it looks like today:
  • New vanity. This vanity is shallower than the previous one but has more efficient storage. Those four drawers hold most of our things. The glossy white brightens up the space and the extra 3 inches of space make the room feel much bigger.
  • New mirror. We were initially thinking of two square mirrors, but once I measured, they were each 70 cm wide and the vanity is 140 cm wide - no point having two mirrors if they have to be hung without a space between them. So we hacked this IKEA mirror by trimming back the depth of the wood frame, sanding it and staining it dark (note: staining pine is not ideal, it doesn't usually take stain easily, but we were lucky and are pleased with the final result).
  • New light. Initially I was looking at a more classic light, but I changed my mind, returned it to the store and opted for this streamlined version.
  • New paint. We brightened up the space with stripes. We used Benjamin Moore 'cloud white' and Martha Stewart 'sparkling brook'. Note: Benjamin Moore makes an Aura Bathroom/Kitchen paint that can be used in flat - no need for semigloss, even in a humid room.
  • Shower curtain rod was replaced with a steel one and old toilet paper holder was replaced with a new model. Nothing fancy, just more polished and permanent.
  • Walls were patched, plumbing was adjusted, trim was painted and tub was caulked.

With the new colour scheme I also needed different art. I opted to hang the ceramic 'shalom' piece that I used to have in my room when I was a kid. I liked the pop of turquoise, the ceramic works well in a bathroom and the frame worked with the warm wood tones.

I also purchased a quarter yard of fabric and framed it. Fabric works well in a bathroom environment as it can't be damaged by humidity. I chose a pattern that offered bright pops of colour that link to the colours found on our shower curtain (see reflection in mirror in first pic). When framing fabric, make sure to line up the pattern so it doesn't look lost in the mat, then tape it down on each side, stretching it, but without overstretching and distorting the pattern.

This was by no means a renovation, we kept the tub, the floors, the toilet, layout, etc., but even small updates in a bathroom can be costly (those fixtures and vanities don't come cheap) and time consuming. As per usual we underestimated the time we'd need to complete this project, but now we are really happy with the results.

A few more things planned down the road. See the reflection of that closet in the mirror? Now that we have excellent vanity storage I am rethinking that closet. First step was removing the door, next steps will be paint and floating shelf - but only in a bit of time, no point in rushing. And we are boxing in the bottom of the vanity (related to encountered snag) with the matching high-gloss cabinetry - is a room ever really finished?

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  1. looks really wonderful. I love that mirror! :) great job.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I especially love the mirror and the framed fabric -- such great details.

    I have questions though ... is that allowed? :) Where did you end up putting the towel rack (the one that used to be over the toilet); and does the fabric in the frame match the fabric on the shower curtain? (hard to tell in the photos); I noticed that the window near the toilet used to have a privacy covering and now it doesn't -- do you have a solution for that or are you going to leave it as is (I have a spot in my bathroom with this issue and I'm not sure what to do).

    1. Is the IKEA hack allowed? yes, for sure, there is even a dedicated site for that ;)
      Towel rack is part of the closet revamp, right now towels are hanging on hooks on the door.
      Fabric is not the same as the shower curtain, but has the same colours as the shower curtain fabric. I'll try and add a photo with both next to each other.
      The window still has the frosted bubbles, the sun just blended those out when taking the picture. See 'dotted' shadow on framed fabric.

  3. Hi Guilia! Thanks for the extra details! I've come across that Ikea hack site before and it is soooo awesome! I can't believe the stuff people can come up with. I also would never have recognized the original mirror from Ikea to the one you have now. I really love how it is like a little shelf. It really adds so much interest. If you have locales (besides Ikea! haha!) for interesting shower curtains or those frosted bubble things ... please let me know.

  4. Wowowowow! Guilia, this looks AMAZING! I love how bright and fresh it looks. So up to date and fantastic! The colors & fabrics you chose are just perfect. You must be thrilled with the way it turned out!

  5. Ooh you must never want to leave this space! Great, great job. I love the walls and that mirror is so cool!


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