Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two steps forward - five steps back...

Well, progress in the bathroom makeover is coming along - slowly but surely things are being completed. The rad was removed, walls patched, baseboards added and painted, walls painted and vanity added. We slowed things down because of the holidays and us spending time with our kids and family.

Then things started to go bad - suddenly water was dripping from the air exchange vent in the bathroom below. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We opened the wall in the closet behind the bath and all the pipes and drains were dry. We thought it was the overflow or the drain - but it wouldn't drip after we had a shower.  We confirmed that it wasn't the plumbing linked to the sinks, so we went ahead and installed the vanity...but not knowing where water is coming from is bad.

Hubby opened up the ceiling in the powder room (finished renovating last year) and the drips were clearly coming from the ceiling. The more he opened the more it dripped. Then the toilet was flushed above and more water came down...yuckkkkyyyyy! So we think we found the culprit and hope that it's just the wax ring that needs to be replaced. It might have been slightly moved when hubby was taking out the rad in the corner. Wax rings can dry up with age and create problems, so we hope that's what it is. Do you see the caulking around the base of the toilet? According to Mike Holmes you should never do that, because if there is a toilet leak you want it to leak on your tile floor and not get pushed down. So, we hope we can fix this and repair the damage we had to do to investigate (which will be the full ceiling!).

After we put in the vanity though I came upon another issue. See that great original tile floor I kept? See that white stuff under the vanity? The last vanity visually covered that area of non-tile - this new one does not. I considered this when deciding on the vanity, but thought we wouldn't see the plywood. I am crouching down for the photo, when standing you can't see the heating pipe, but you can clearly see the plywood.

What to do now? It doesn't look great does it? We are contemplating options for this tricky area that also accommodates the heating pipe. I'm thinking boxing in, source the same tile (near impossible?) or stencil pattern? Any ideas you might have to solve this problem?

Looking on the bright side though - we have water connected to both sinks now and isn't the paint great?

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  1. Nice paint job! Shame you have to re-do tha ceiling below... Quite frustrating I can imagine.
    I would box the heating pipe but would make sure to leave a few holes (round or rectangle) in order to vent the heat emitted from the pipe, that is, if it is functional. If it is not, no need to vent.
    Congratulations on your blog, didn't know you had one.
    Regards from Brazil!

  2. I like the idea of boxing it in, then maybe painting it the same color blue as the stripes? Or maybe a stencil using the blue to tie everything together. Looks great so far, though!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Andres. The vent blows out toward the window so we don't need to vent it if we decide to box it in.

  4. you know what?? a couple of days ago I had the same thought about your bathroom floor. (seriously) Since I have the Ikea vanity I know that they are much shallower than regular vanities and was thinking that you might run into this problem.

    I say, box that thing in! :) The box will help hide your floor and your heating pipe. I would take it a step further and get an Ikea kitchen "insert" (I think that's what they are called) in matching high gloss white. This way your box will flow with the vanity and look intentional. I would also cut the "insert" pieces at a 45 degree angle so that there are no unsightly edges peaking out.

    My 2 cents. LOVE the stripes :)

  5. on the other hand, I also like the idea of painting the box blue to match your stripes.

    PS. don't you just love the unexpected in renos?

  6. @Nat - you read my mind. I was talking to hubby saying that the kitchen cabinets are glossy white as well so I bet we can get the matching material. We were thinking of making it look like a 3rd row of drawers - glossy white and all.
    I love the vanity though and the shallowness gives us so much more space!
    Oh - and we found the leaking toilet issue - plumber needs to be hired...a first for us that do most things ourselves ;)


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