Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To link or not to link

My blog is a small blog, one that captures things that we do as a family, travels we go on, projects we tackle and inspiration that's connected to our everyday. I have a full-time job and don't blog to make money. However, for most of us it would be nice to have a little extra cash lying around to treat ourselves - maybe a new outfit or accessory that we can't necessarily justify in our budget. Especially when you are working on renovations in your house you would love to spend  some extra cash on a special light fixture or faucet.

So when your blog gets the attention of marketing agencies and they've done a little research in knowing what you are writing about, and they want to help you out with a bit of extra cash, you might be interested, no? I was, until I dug for a bit more information. When you are expected to link back to a product/company with random words within your blog, to a brand you've never used and you get paid to that, it just didn't sit right. You know how your mind says...but you'd be clear about it being a sponsored post, and you could use a bit of spending money...but your gut is going...yeah, but why would my readers want to link to this random site that FishlyNews never even used....

You see, there is a big difference (see related article tweeted by Andrea ) if I had received the product or service from that company to try out. I could have blogged about it openly and given my honest opinion. Or, if I collaborated with a company to furnish a bedroom or to host a give-away. That would be up-front, honest and related to an actual experience I had, right? Or if they wanted to buy advertisement, why not? But this trend of 'secret' embedded links to increase their traffic is a 'cheap' and back-handed way of promotion. Why not pay a blogger proper money for proper endorsement on something they truly value? This just seems like a cheap PR agency move to get unique hits for a super low price.

So, here I am, still not buying that rug I really want, but still feeling good as my stomach isn't lurching. What do you think? Is it just me?


  1. I completely agree. Respect all the way! :)

  2. I've also had this link pitches. (Which I have never accepted, otherwise you would have noticed strange links for "garage door opener" and "golf club" in my posts!) But if it makes you feel any better, they offer SO little money for you to whore out your content that you wouldn't even be able to buy an inch of that rug you really want! You'd be better off contacting the company that sells the rug with a proposal of your own.

    1. Ha,ha - You probably would have found a very creative and funny way in getting 'golf clubs' and 'garage door openers' into one of your posts - I'm sure we would have been amused by your talented script. Totally agree on the $, I could have bought half the rug, but hey maybe I will pitch something myself ;)

    2. You could buy half a rug with your offer? Well, I'd reconsider then! I'm totally up for selling my soul ... if it's worth it! ;) The kind of offers I received were to place a text link for a whole year at the price of $40. I'm not the greatest at math, but that doesn't work out to be a fantastic monthly rate!

  3. Interesting dilemma. I think you did the right thing -- hard to go wrong when you follow your gut.

  4. i skip offers like that too!

    actually, i skip most offers because I want my blog to be about us...I may change my mind if something comes along that I was already contemplating using...but I didn't create my little corner of the internet to flog products! if I love something, I pass along the news!!

  5. Great post - and so true. It's best to go with our gut (something I didn't do in the beginning). And there has been a huge increase of bizarre, random paid-to-link request these past couple of weeks. Frustrating at best


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