Sunday, October 30, 2011

One photo a week - 44/52

The kids and I had fun making potato stamp paper bags with skulls in purple, orange and white. The white on brown paper bags looks great during the day, but at night the orange and purple are much more impactful. I got the idea on Pinterest, but it's a Martha Stewart treat bag idea via 'Say Yes to Hoboken'.

Have you guys decorated for Halloween? Are you dressing up? My new work seems to be very into Halloween - I'm just slightly concerned...I don't want to be a party dud, but I don't like to dress up extensively in a work environment...

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shades of white

Once in a while I like to take pictures of items in one shade of colour - a colour mood board really. I've done a red one and a light blue one. These photos are taken with items I gather in the house. Normally I might think about colour and items for a bit, but once I did the last photo of the week, I decided to tackle the colour white.

A couple of things I learned: I might have a lot of white things, most of them are kitchen related, clothing or linens. Taking pictures of different shades of white is really difficult and this photo is technically by no means ideal. Ironing the white napkin would have made a big difference -  those crease shadows are distracting.

I'm enjoying the different shades of white - the creamier white of a pumpkin, shell and handle vs the bright white of a Kindle or dish-ware. This exercise really emphasizes that one colour can really vary and emit different feelings - just look at all the colour chips at the paint store!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One photo a week - 43/52

Besides wondering if I was ever going to get my blog content back, we also hosted three dinners. One steak and salad meal and one slow-cooker stroganoff we brought over to my grandparents who just moved. We also hosted our first raclette of the season. To go with the cheese I made a garlicky lemon aioli - nothing can beat melted cheese and garlic on a cold fall evening.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fits and the Tantrums

Let me tell you, this weekend I had some fits and and minor tantrums. I do like the band, however, this whole blog moving thing was not fun A.T. A.L.L!

My big plan was to move my mouthfull of a blog address ( to - easy, right? It's all written out there on blogger, step by step and it will be done in no later than 3 days...while people can still see all of your content.

Well, things went wrong and all one saw was an error message and I no longer had access to anything.  I thought I had lost it all - 160 posts, comments, photos, etc...But, my best hubby of all managed to figure out what had gone wrong - he reset things, transferred things and today I'm back! Yayyyyy!

I am very relieved and will be back very shortly with my 43rd photo of the week.

How was your weekend - did you throw any fits or did you listen to the Fits and the Tantrums?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving things

I'm moving my blog to and it looks like it might take a day or two for things to move over properly. I'll be back on the weekend with my photo of week and hopefully I'll get everything back into order. I'm particularly missing my blogroll right now...
See you soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Room makeover

M has been wanting purple walls in her room for quite some time and I promised we'd do an accent wall when we rearranged her furniture and put in her new (old) dresser. We chose darkest grape from Benjamin Moore and painted the back wall, which is the lowest wall in her room due to the roof slope - the top edge is probably around 7 feet high. The colour is not as bright as it seems in the photos - it's a deep purple.

Once we painted it changed the dynamic of the room, it's cozier, especially at night. We also decided to switch around furniture placement because of the now smaller dresser and because her bed was now set at twin length. We tried a couple of versions and decided on having the dresser on the purple wall next to the bed.

Because the dresser is lower than the old one the lower ceiling isn't quite as obvious, although adding dark paint does accentuate it. I think it still works though.

We also chose to get a small desk and placed it next to her bookshelf. It's a small Micke desk from IKEA with a drawer which allows to keep some of her drawings in her room, protected from her brother. She chose the orange drawer face - I would have chosen white, but it's her room and we can always change that if she no longer likes it.

I placed a couple framed pieces and her clock on the wall above her desk - something we can switch around easily going forward. Taking a picture of this was near impossible because of the window glare.

I think we are done for a little while. I need to touch up some of the light pink walls, down the road we might paint them grey, I need to shorten her curtains and maybe switch out the vintage green chair for a white one we have in the basement - what do you think?
I also think that this IKEA carpet would be great with her bedding, the wall colour and the orange on her desk - it would also tone down the pink in the room.

This is the first time M made her own choices (she picked the purple pillow, the bedding, nightstand and the desk) and participated in the look of her room.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One photo a week - 42/52

For the first time in 4.5 years, both hubby and I stayed away from the kids for one night. We booked a hotel room in town and had a 18 hour stay-cation that included an amazingly designed hotel bathroom. We also enjoyed drinks, dinner and some non-kid related shopping...amazing how one day of no routine can recharge the batteries!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kitchen cabinet efficiency

This post is about storage (again!) - nothing pretty, no lovely pictures, just regular day-to-day stuff we tackle. My kitchen is on the newish side and although it's not a kitchen design I would have chosen it does have great quality cabinets, good work surface and substantial storage.

A couple of months after moving in I gave up a bottom cabinet to install a slide-out garbage container. It was a great decision - I no longer had to look at a garbage pail in the kitchen and I can drop things straight from prep into the garbage.

I have another one of those lower cabinets that was not very efficient. The cabinet is counter deep, meaning that anything stored in the back was in the dark and often forgotten. I also needed that space to store onions and potatoes that did like the dark, but not the solid surface of a shelf.

So finally this past weekend we went to Loewe's and bought a pull-out basket type storage unit that gets attached into the cabinet. Gone are the shelves and now I have storage I can pull out and get to the back. In addition there is airflow for the onions and potatoes, which should increase their life span and quality.

These units are not cheap ($100), but I already love the difference it's making. Sometimes it just takes little changes to make a space more efficient and practical.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simple Thanksgiving table setting

We had family over for Canadian Thanksgiving. We served the full menu - turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn pudding, carrots, cranberry&orange sauce, gravy and chocolate cake.  

Because things needed to be prepped I kept the table setting simple. I added some colour to our ebony table with a multicoloured checked table cloth made from fabric my sister bought in St. Lucia. I dressed up our wedding napkins with green ribbon I had in the house (I'd really like plum coloured napkins and I think raffia would have been great around those). My nice set of dishes is white and goes with everything and I kept glassware simple with stemless wine glasses.

I then made a quick centre piece with my wooden bread bowl, some miniature pumpkins and flowers from the garden. Nothing fancy, but a little something for the festivities.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hourly Thanksgiving photo challenge

Andrea from a peek inside the fishbowl came up with the challenge of taking 10 photos at each hour for one day. My day started at 8 am for this project and I am posting one picture for each hour until 6 pm. The photos show what we are doing at that hour.

My first challenge was getting over taking a picture of the mundane - my second challenge was the fact that I don't have a smart phone. While Andrea and others are tweeting photos each hour and posting later I feel a little non-current having to wait to get to my computer to load my hourly photos in batches. Could this challenge be the reason to get a phone???

So, here goes...a regular Canadian Thanksgiving Monday - come back to see more today.
Thanks Andrea!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

One photo a week - 41/52

We are enjoying the incredible weekend with lots of sun and high temperatures. It's hard to think of a heavy turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I'm getting ready by making my cranberry & orange sauce a day ahead. I make this mostly for myself as my family doesn't really like cranberry you like cranberries with your turkey? Enjoy the long-weekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake

Recently I had this craving for decadent cupcakes. So I made two dozen inspired by this recipe. You could make these with any cake and cookie recipe, or just use cake mix from the box. Since these cupcakes are quite decadent I gave away most of them. People loved them and really enjoyed the 'surprise cookie' hidden in the cake.
These are quite easy to make, but they'll make a great impression for a bake sale or birthday party!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall round-up

I was very pleased that I had a chance to curate a slide show for kirtsy. It was fun to gather images of Fall leaves, to see how the colours inspire us, how we look at leaves as they change and the weather gets cooler. Go over to kirtsy and check out my selection - there is a lot of other cool stuff to be found there.

Thanks Gabrielle for letting me be a part of it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

One photo a week - 40/52

Yesterday was the 2011 Run for the Cure. I've been volunteering with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation since April and yesterday everything came together. 9,000 people came out to run or walk 5k in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness - despite the frigid temperatures and continuous drizzle. The Ottawa/Gatineau Run managed to raise more than $1.6 million dollars towards the $30 million raised in Canada.

I was quite proud to see how our 25 people committee was able to pull off such an event with the help of many volunteers and I was proud to see the commitment of people in the region to such a great cause.

I find the crowd of runners particularly inspiring with the names of people they are running for pinned to their backs or pictured on posters - while at times it can bring tears to your eyes it is amazing to see a breast cancer survivor cross the finish line of a 5k run in under 30 minutes!