Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift wrap

This is the fourth year that I'm using kraft paper to wrap my gifts. I like the understated look and options it gives me to be creative. This year I also got some silver kraft paper to mix and match. My wrapping is simple this time of the year because we need a lot done and they need to survive being piled on top of each other under the tree.

Since I chose my accent colour to be red this year I also used red ribbon - the ones I chose are understated almost as narrow as twine. I tied them in simple bows after adding a paper doily on each package. I used two sizes of doilies depending on the gift and played around by cutting some in half, centering others and having some offset to one side. Oddly shaped gifts are packed in lunch bags left over from my advent calendar project.

I'll be writing recipients names with simple script on the doilies, or if I have a few extra minutes I'll use my letter stamps.

Plain wrapping paper lends itself to a variety of options - you could choose wide fancy ribbon and have large bows, you could use silver or gold twine, you could add an ornament or some tree greenery, rustic gift tags or colourful stickers. Last year I had the kids draw on the kraft paper with silver paint pens - options are endless even on a low budget and not much time.

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  1. what an easy thing to do! too cute.

  2. How pretty they look! Love it!

  3. I love how simple yet functional it is - a place to write names on the doily, a pop of festive colour with the ribbon. So creative!


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