Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Custom Wreath

My front door has four small square windows that are set in a rectangular fashion offset to the right. Hanging a round wreath on this door has looked less than perfect the last two years.

I saw a round 'snowball wreath' a couple months back on pinterest and thought it would be a perfect idea to adapt to a square wreath surrounding our windows perfectly.

First, I purchased three sizes of styrofoam craft balls. These can be found at the Dollarstore or Michaels. I also got a pack of glue dots to avoid messy drippy glue while wrapping the styrofoam. I got four types of wool at Michaels and a knitting store.

I spent two evenings in front of the TV wrapping the foam balls with wool using glue dots to keep the wool put. My first balls looked cone shaped until I got the hang of it and managed to get them circular. While I was doing that, hubby measured the window opening and cut a frame from leftover wood. He then painted it a dark colour to blend into the door. If you are planning on a round version of this you can just purchase a wreath shape at Michaels for a couple of dollars.

Next I searched through my ornaments and grabbed a couple cheap ones that matched the colour scheme of the wool balls. I warmed up the hot glue gun and arranged the wool balls one by one, adding the ornaments last for a bit of sparkle. Being round objects you need quite a bit of glue for everything to stay put. This took no more than an hour. The next day we attached the wreath to the door - perfect custom fit!

In hindsight I would replace the black wool with silver wool (which I had trouble finding) because the black blends into the door a little too much - but all in all I'm pretty happy with how this turned out - 3 evenings of my time and about $25 in supplies.

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  1. This looks really beautiful!
    xoxo, Melanie

  2. I love how this turned out. I get so sick of the same Christmas colours everywhere. This looks festive, but also so sharp.

  3. This is so cool, love the colour combo on your door!

  4. so pretty. I like the black balls :) but silver would have been nice too :)

  5. I think you might be starting a trend here. I'm loving the square wreath!

  6. That look amazing! I love the square form of it:)

  7. Great idea, looks awesome!
    Thank you for visiting the Northern Light Blog!


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