Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And four it is!

There it is. My little girl is officially four! She had a great time at her birthday party. The sun was out, the Rapunzel Tower birthday cake turned out great and 10 little girls climbed the play structure (Rapunzel Tower) in their princess dresses - followed around by 2 year old D.

The party was held from 1-3 pm, so no real expectation of food was there. We did provide sugar cookies with Sun Medallions (my cookie decorating skills are very limited), we had fruit, veggies in Dixie cups with dip served on a Rapunzel frying pan, purple tortilla chips with dip and a variety of beverages. The cake was my usual Martha Stewart chocolate cake assembled in a tower. I made the base cake and used cupcakes on a dowel to serve as the tower. This was actually really easy and the idea was based on this version.

The challenge with beverages is to keep track of which one is yours and particularly kids are bad at this. I've been seeing a lot of milk bottles used for kids parties, but I decided to use small classic coke bottles with paper straws. I used leftover chalkboard paint on the label and marked each bottle with a guest name. Each one was filled with lemonade. Again, this was a low cost and easy project.

In our decor we referenced the Tangled movie with a printable Wanted poster, our own Snuggly Duckling Pub sign and a Pascal paper lizard, all of these ideas based on ideas from the Disney Family site. Other than that, I just kept the colours purple and yellow with tablecloths, napkins, plates and paper garlands we cut and ran through the sewing machine. This provided a theme without using Disney merchandise.

This was very much a DIY party and we spent less than $100 to get this done. Most things were crafted or based on items we already had in our home. I find it very important to use things that have more than one use and don't get disposed after a party. It's also important to me to use things that are not specifically 'kid' or 'baby' but rather grown up and great for future gatherings.

This was our first big kids party at our house and all of us are very pleased with how it turned out. All our guests had fun, the weather cooperated and everything came together beautifully.

PS: Those chairs we beautified the other week worked out great for all the little princess guests. 

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  1. Oh goodness, it all looks so lovely! The cake is especially clever. Happy Birthday to your little one


  2. awesome blog...found you on "a cup of Jo"...glad I did ;)

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time at the party! Great party decors

  4. How wonderful! My four-year old had a Rapunzel cake, but she would have loved a whole Rapunzel party! It's such a good movie, isn't it? Great job!

    I found your site today through A Beach Cottage. :-)


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