Friday, May 13, 2011

We are turning 1 - do you want a gift?

After went down for a good 24 hours and deleted my post, let's try again!

Fishly News is turning one this week and I've decided to give you guys a chance to win this beautiful necklace by Andrea Waines. It's sterling silver, sits right on your collar bone, is handcrafted in Canada and reads: Play each day.

This blog allows me to play - it gives me creative outlet, pushes me to take more photos, allows me to share stories and communicate with people across the globe. Thank you to all that follow along.

To enter:
  1. leave a comment on how YOU play each day
  2. follow my blog
Give away closes: CLOSED
Winner: One
Price ships: Anywhere in the world
Announcement: The winner will be chosen by random number generator and I'll post the winners name in an update.

Andrea does not know that I am giving away this necklace, she did not make me write about her jewelery, but I find her pendants and earrings to be so cute and her messages are meaningful on so many levels.


  1. Happy weekend to you too, and Happy Blog Birthday!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!
    How I play: Today I'm driving up to visit my childhood friend. I'm sure there will be lots of eating and drinking involved :)

  3. Hey, Happy Blog Birthday too! I missed my own birthday.
    Really love your blog and seeing all the pretty things you are up too.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday. What a cute necklace. I play each day on my blog too. I have fun writing, blogging, and posting pics. It's a great stress reliever.

  5. happy blog birthday!! i play each day by finding some ME time to excercise (6am sharp), take time to enjoy a daily cappucino and spend at least 30mins reading my current novel and I always sketch whilst watching TV in the evening. Some days go by so fast so as a busy mum I need to something for me too!

  6. Hi there, found you via A Beach Cottage so will look forward to reading back! My favorite "plays" are reading fab blogs and dreaming about starting my own, arranging flowers etc around the house, enjoying a novel with a cup of tea at lunchtime, treating myself to a cup of coffee out. Great necklace and a good mantra - fingers crossed!


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