Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little rainbow on a rainy birthday

My husband celebrated his birthday yesterday. We both had the day off and enjoyed some time without the kids including lunch at a sushi restaurant. Then we had family over for dinner, cake and gifts. I wanted to do something in rainbow colours because of a rainbow my daughter drew on her father's gift...all those colours make a dreary day a lot more happy, don't you think?

I had seen the above love notes banner on either Oh Happy Day or A Subtle Revelry. I can't remember, but I loved the idea which I implemented on coloured craft paper. I debated to print it out on the computer, but thought hand written notes would be more personal and special. I also used Jordan's idea for the crepe streamers, cutting each side of them to make them more fluffy and fun.
Matching all of the colours are the flowers, which I gathered in a serving dish with some floral foam. I got the flowers at the grocery store on sale after the Easter weekend and they'll last a couple of days I'm sure.
My husband is not a big icing cake lover, so I opted for a lighter fruit covered Strawberry Cream Cake. The cake itself is quite dense, close to a short cake, but the cream and berries make it fresh and light. Everyone loved it. I got it from the Martha Stewart website and it was a breeze to make. Nine out of ten times in rains on my hubby's birthday, but I think the berries and all those colours made the day a little brighter and happy!


  1. your husband is very lucky to have you spoil him so :)

  2. Loving all the bright details!

  3. Love the rainbow streamers. And the cake looks delicious.
    Happy Birthday Hubbie!

  4. Hi Julia,
    Found you via A Beach Cottage. Lovely cake (and the cake stand too)!
    I lived in Canada for 22 years and recently moved back home to Poland.


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