Friday, April 29, 2011

I found some pretty things this week

Like many out there in virtual land, I've been trolling through Pinterest and finding many, many things that I find pretty, inspiring and just plain pin worthy. Here a quick look at a couple of things I found this week.

Peacock feathers and orchids are an amazing combination. That vintage broach also works really well with this, I think.

Now, this would be vacation. Blue, blue, blue in the most beautiful shades. Please come pick me up for a Caribbean tour!
Super cute and reminds me of the DIY art I made for D's room.

I think this would be cute for a kid's room, family work station or a colourful office. Looks like it would be really simple to create.

We've been working on restoring our front door this week. I'll post more on that later - but let me tell you, it looks nothing like this! Wouldn't this make a great statement when welcoming guests to your house?

Have a great weekend!

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