Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Playroom!

In our last home the playroom was in the basement and no matter what the weather was it felt cold and uncomfortable. So when we searched for this house, having an above grade space for family time was top of our check list. Well, you see here what that space looked like originally. Pros where the above ground location and bright space, cons were the faux wood panelling, icky carpet, weird ceiling panels and challenging shape.

The playroom was our big renovation priority along with a new heating and cooling system. My hubby did all of the work except for the carpet install. He and his buddy's enjoyed the demolition, then there was some framing, insulation (sound insulation in the ceiling), drywalling, allot of mudding, sanding and painting and tataaaaaaa our big renovation was done.

Now, why am I posting a year after completion? Well, I was not writing a blog back then and the biggest challenge was to take a picture of the space when it's tidy.

We really like this added living space, we have our office here so we get to spend time at the computer while the kids are playing. We put down another carpet, despite the tendency for stains, just to have a soft area to sit and muck around. Once the kids are older we'll take up the carpet and finish the hardwood underneath. One thing that did not work according to plan was the magnetic paint we used on the large wall. We put on two coats and most things won't stay put, so I've had to revert to push pins for all the art that M and D create. Have you used magnetic paint successfully?

I also love the bright window, the storage, the built in speakers and we took full advantage of some of the strange nooks by building in the desk. Sometimes I wonder if we should have just painted over the panelling in order to get the job done faster? Not sure. Doing this kind of work with two little kids was hard and took much longer than anticipated.

Happy birthday to our playroom and to many more hours of fun!


  1. you have a "keep calm" poster! way to go, love them! I have two, waiting patiently to hang them up.

  2. I love your office nook. I have nothing of the sort, right now. My "stuff" is everywhere and nowhere. :(


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