Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yellow cabinet

When we first moved into our house I was missing our dining room built-in that we had in our last house. I decided to bring in some colour and ordered this yellow linen cabinet from IKEA. I had to order this piece as they don't stock it at our local store and once it arrived I was not very pleased.

I found it to be too big, for some reason I had imagined it lower, more discreet...and here it was, big and yellow. I kept looking at it wondering if I should disassemble it and return it to the store and buy a mid-century modern lower buffet. My husband argued that the height was actually helpful in keeping little hands off of our stuff.

A year later I've grown accustomed to it. It gives us extensive storage that is locked away, it's a nice display area and it does add a splash of colour. I customized it a little by adding knobs from Anthropology and I really like those compared to the standard IKEA hardware.

It's an difficult space - fireplace to the right, window and dining room to the left. I think the cabinet does it's job of transitioning the space. So...yeahhh to not disassembling, staying on a low budget and using the space. Down the road I might switch it up, but right now, I'm good.


  1. Love the charcoal star. Your vignette is lovely. I'm still struggling with creating meaningful vignettes, as I don't tend to have a lot of knick knacks :(

    What colour are your walls, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Thanks, I have enough knick knacks that I can organize, but most of the time it's covered with drawings or other random kids stuff ;)

    The colour is Thunder by Benjamin Moore. It's our favorite, we have it in most of our rooms.

  3. I love the colour of your walls too, I also liked that green one you had in the bedroom in your last house. Maybe when you visit, you can help me pick out some colours?


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