Monday, February 7, 2011

Custom kitchen bench - Part I

Construction is done on project # 12334 in our house renovation/improvement. Our kitchen had been renovated a couple of years back by the previous owner and had a corner that was completely under-utilized. We housed our old kitchen table in that corner - it looked pretty bad, half hazard and did not offer the space we needed.

In order to take full advantage of the space, gain more storage and offer a second table on the main floor to eat, colour or do eventual homework, I had my talented hubby build a corner bench with storage.

He created a design that worked almost like a puzzle and gives us three distinct storage areas and tons of seating. The storage is being used for table linens, grocery bags, paper recycling and less used kitchen items such as the raclette machine and slow cooker. He finished the face of it with shaker trim to match our kitchen cabinetry.

It was a lot of work because he had to remove the old radiator (small flooding in basement, oops...not fully drained), remove baseboards, cut tons of wood, trim, sand, paint, sand, paint, sand...I think the end result is amazing and both kids and cats are using it already!

Next steps will be cushions (my project) and a custom table (hubby) and we need to hang a light above the table. Posting for that will follow soon.


  1. my dream is to have custom closet built for our entrance hallway, you're so lucky! Looks lovely, kudos to your hubby.

  2. Wow. Your husband is very talented.

    We're thinking of doing something like this in our bay window...adding a built-in bench where people can sit in the sun, but with added storage underneath! (Always looking for additional storage!!)

  3. Thanks! Once I make the cushions it will have a bit more presence and comfort.

    We did a bay window bench with storage at our last house (that was hubby's practice project). It's a perfect way to use that otherwise wasted space.


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