Monday, February 14, 2011

Could not resist

I read Sweetapolita's post last week on Butterscotch Peanut Butter Marshmallow Hearts and I could not resist to try them this weekend.

Little M and I had fun making them and cutting out the hearts. They are quite sweet, but my husband loves them and I brought a bunch to work today. Needless to say they were gone in minutes.

I captured the photo with the last bit of natural light, so it's a little dark, but I wanted to share these treats with you. You can make them as bars, which would make cutting them a little easier.


  1. They look tooth-achingly sweet! ; )

    I am in LOVE with the vintage(?) plates/saucers that the treats are on. Are they vintage or a reproduction?

  2. They are vintage. My great-grand mother had 12 different tea cups and saucers for her tea parties. That way each lady knew which cup was hers. I store them in my yellow cabinet so you can see them through the glass and I serve coffee in them when we have people over for dinner.

  3. Yummy. It's crazy how much kids like to be involved in the cooking process!


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